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Superfetch Has Any Bugs on Windows 10

We noticed this issue on our Windows 10 PCs. We decided that the Superfetch support was the issue, though the Windows Task Manager did not point out that.

Superfetch is only permitted on PCs with conventional mechanical hard drives–not solid-state drives. It watches to find that the software you use most often and heaps their documents into RAM to speed up things when you start them. On Windows 10, a bug may sometimes cause Superfetch to utilize a ridiculous quantity of system tools.

To repair this issue, we recommend using the Superfetch service. You should only disable the Superfetch service in case you are really having this issue, as it may accelerate application launch in the event that you’ve got a mechanical hard disk. But in case the Superfetch procedure is out of control and frees up all of your tools, disabling it’s going to boost your PC.

The Way to Hide the Superfetch Service
It’s possible to disable this support in the Services window. To start it, click Start, kind”Services” to the search box, then click the”Services” shortcut. It is also possible to press Windows+R, then type”services.msc” to the Run dialog that appears, then press Enter.

To avoid the support from automatically launch when Windows begins, click on the”Startup Type” dropdown, then select the”Disabled” option.

Click on the”Stop” button to close the service down, then click”OK” to save your changes.

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