Go To Settings To Activate Windows

Activate Windows

Windows 10 based notebook where I have never been able to trigger Windows for a few reasons. Because of this, the operating system indicates the “Publish Windows Proceed to Settings to activate Windows”watermark tag in the bottom-right corner of this display. As I couldn’t solve the activation dilemma, the watermark didn’t actually hamper anything and that I really could operate with no issue. But the other day I had been display recording in my notebook . The difficulty was that the Activate Windows watermark also appears from the display recording — which obviously does not look fine. Now, I’ll inform you the way you can temporarily remove this watermark from Windows 10 display.

Please be aware that the very best and suitable method of eliminating the watermark is, of course, to trigger your Windows 10 by inputting a legitimate Windows 10 key. However, like me, in case you are facing any issue from the activation process, you may use the next method to temporarily eliminate the watermark.

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