Haste Hosting – What We Like About Haste Hosting


Texas based hosting company, who we personally have over a dozen sites hosted with including this one. Fast, secure and more importantly affordable.

Customer support is great, they’ve helped us out clearing a couple of problems when we tried to install a theme which didn’t work out properly. They have also migrated 3 sites for us, from a seller who was cheaper, but was badly overselling and causing downtime for us.

This is a small, friendly outfit, who we think offer great value for money for what you get. We think the pricing and what you get make this a win – win scenario for personal users and also small businesses. Looking for reliable, secure and affordable? Look no further than HERE.

They offer;

Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, Self Managed VPS, Managed VPS and also Dedicated servers.

Their motto says it all about their brand; “Fast.Reliable.Friendly”

Have to admit us here at the Tip Top Crew, can honestly vouch for those words.

Level 3 Server Admins working around the clock to ensure PCI Compliance combined with super fast loading times and RAID 10 SSD Servers, what more could you wish for?

Size isn’t everything but this is a small company who have mastered the art of client satisfaction. If you’re wanting a reliable yet affordable hosting service, click here for more information.